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     This is a reprint of an article about how one must believe to achieve. I have never read it said better than below. His English isn't the best, but his message is.



How Powerful Belief Should Be To Make It Happen?
by Tadas Talaikis

"The aphorism, "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he," not only embraces the whole of a man's being, but is so comprehensive as to reach out to every condition and circumstance of his life." James Allen

A few people don't even can believe that all their reality depends only by their thoughts. ONLY! I've been there. I know that. Hardly to believe, but then we got a lot of "coincidences" to prove it's true.

When I've setup belief that "I am millionaire", after a few days I've got a lot of calls from old contacts. Even my creditor who have not contacted me two years, just think, two years!, have called me.

Smells like I've expressed that I am millionaire, and "something" in his mind told him that I have a bunch of money, and he can get his money back from me.

Of course, this "something" was me. It seems when we thing abundance, other people telepathically smells that we're abundant and wants to work with us. Ha ha. Wonderful world, Maya, world of illusions.

So who we are is what we get. Or: Who we believe we are is what we get. Or: What world gives you, anything, is who you are. It's known law that first you need to become and only then you can get.

So you want to win game of life? What role you're playing is what you get. In what vision you live is what you get. What you feared is true has come to you.

It seems that ability to get what you want is simple art of actors and directors. Life is a movie, there are a few directors, creators of this movie and all others are actors, some bad, some good, some very good.

Here's one process you can use to change roles. Write scenario of who you will be as it is reality now. Write, write and write. It's also known that what you teach is what you become. That's true.

To dream is pretty same as writing books. In order to create your life you just become what you're writing about. Waahoo!

Who you are when you're the best? Who you are in your ideal vision? Answer these questions and hold your answers until you'll become who you want to be. Write scenario of your vision about who you are. Become this vision. Go into your vision.

So let's talk about what is true belief when it can become reality. When we start affirming and trying to feel who we want to be in order to attract all these things we can get being in this role, this belief usually is very weak and we must fight (or just love) counter-beliefs until this belief become true.

So people are trying to make it happen. They say, "I've believed I'll get this or that, but this system doesn't work".

This system doesn't work. Yeah, right. A few minutes with me or any other good belief's coach, and you'll know why. You attract all what is around you in order who you are, what role you're playing.

Reasons why they believe and nothing happens is: they "believe", but not believe, they believe, but not Believe, they Believe, but not BELIEVE. In most cases people just affirming what they want. But you know, affirmations are not beliefs. Belief is not words.

If we look deeper in their subconscious, unconscious, we'll see that their "belief" is just words. These words are not supported by REAL feelings, REAL emotions, REAL energy which spreads from that belief. If there is no energy from this belief, it is not belief, it's just affirmation without real believing.

Same as just dreaming - dreaming without believing it'll be true. You know, whole world has dreams, but not all dreams become reality. Cause there are counter-beliefs such as, "I never achieve it", "I don't know how", "Many others failed" etc. etc. etc.

Maybe you'll give idea better if I say how real belief is looking.

I've said, words are not reality. They're just filtered symbols, parts of reality. Reality is reality, it simply is. What you're BELIEVING is, it will be. What is "believing what is"? It's FEELING that you have it NOW, and you don't let anyone to disturb it.

Let's again, in order to make belief work, this belief needs to be "FEELING IT IS NOW". For example, if I'm affirming just "I am love, I am love" and nothing happens, it, of course, means, that I'm not really feeling this love now. There's no real expression, I'm just lurking words.

Many of the gurus told you: act as-if. See, acting as-if is same as feeling that what you want is here, now. Please get this idea better: HERE AND NOW. Feeling that what you want is now, with you, around you, here, you know with certainty that it is here and now, and others know that you have it now, here and around you.

True belief is what become reality. True belief gives you strength, vanishes all fears and weaknesses.

By our beliefs we decide what the world will be around us. Who is right? All the people are right in their realities. It depends what role you choose in your game. But if you rise above the games, you'll find that being right depends only on beliefs we choose.

"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it." Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)

With real your belief you're one. Not real beliefs are outside you. When belief is enough, you don't bother about it. Any bothering means you have counter-belief, unknown for you belief that opposites your new belief.

When belief isn't enough to become reality, it means you're outside of this belief, you're not one, you're not loving it enough, you're not wanting it enough. All enoughs are in counter-beliefs.

About real beliefs you're moving with your body, with your mouth, with your fingers at computer keyboard, piano claves etc.

You're crying about your real belief. Real belief gives you so much energy that nothing can stop you. You are moving very fast. You are doing a hundred times more than you do usually.

You are ready to do anything what it takes to make it happen. If it not so, there just counter-beliefs are. Just use more "Why you need it?", "How you are believing about it?" or just simple UNCONDITIONAL love.

So, when I'm really believing about something, HOW I am? I am very excited, I can't sit in one place, I want to move, to make it, to change it, to do this, to do that... whatever to make it happen.

If I really want it, I'll do it even if I need to kill myself. (Anyway, killing myself can't be accomplished because there is much more wishes to live than die.)

I am believing so that I see it already. It is here. I am in it. It is now and forever.

Real belief is as reality. Tell me what is real and I tell you how strong your belief must be. That's it.

Besides, if belief is about something big, it can be supported by believing in small steps. When you'll get success of one or another step, you'll get tremendous lot of energy which will help you leap forward closer to your bigger belief.

Real belief forces you to divide achievement of your vision into exact steps: how they are, what information and skills I need to every step. Real belief forces not only say to yourself "I can", but also forces to develop skills needed to every step of achievement of this belief. In other words, real belief is clear vision. If there is no vision, there is need for its further development.

When there is real belief you can do no mater what is needed to achieve it. Launching your unstoppable power to make vision a reality no matter what. True belief is pushing you to express your vision. True belief is pushing you to take action, not now, NOW!

When you become your vision, all other small counter-beliefs in this area vanishes and you get source of energy within you. This source isn't simple affirmation, not anymore, this source spreads from your deep deep subconscious.

Belief must be same as thing that is result of this belief.

When is so, it's real belief, it's appearing real.

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