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I respect your right to privacy and will never do anything to violate your trust.

I will never share, sell, trade, or give information about any MIMBIZ.com visitors to anyone!

MIMBIZ.com does not employ any software that collects any  personal information or any kind of spy ware.  I assure you that no facility exists on this site which would enable me to collect your personal information without your knowledge.

The only information collected on this site comes from those who volunteer by way of opt in Information Request forms, Contact forms, Email, or Subscribe forms. You can be assured that this information is kept completely confidential, and is NEVER shared, sold, given, or traded with anyone.

The only way any personal information that you may volunteer is used is to respond to your specific request, concern, question, or subscription. If you do volunteer any personal information it will be destroyed as soon as possible if asked to do so by you.

 The only reasons that your information would be shared with or given to others would be with your permission or if required by legal authorities that issue a subpoena, or if a person were to in anyway attempt to alter, change, damage, reprint, copy, or violate in anyway any portion of this website, the operation of this website and it's contents, its copyright content, or the MIMBIZ.com name. If you wish to copy or reprint anything created by me on this site please contact me through the channels available below or on most pages.

 If you have any other questions or concerns about your privacy on MIMBIZ.com, please feel free to contact me by clicking the LET ME KNOW icon available throughout the site or below.

Disclaimer; All information is as accurate as possible. Your results may be profitable or unprofitable  with any business opportunity, product, or service and as with any business will ultimately be determined by your individual effort.

Disclaimer: I am not a  physical or mental health professional. Check with your doctor or other health professional for guidance. The information provided here on this website is for educational purposes.

The information and links on this site are given in good faith, by providing these links MIMBIZ.com is not undertaking any responsibility or liability for information, content, business practices, or publications of third parties on the Internet regardless of how they are accessed.

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